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modest adj
1 marked by simplicity; having a humble opinion of yourself; "a modest apartment"; "too modest to wear his medals" [ant: immodest]
2 not large but sufficient in size or amount; "a modest salary"; "modest inflation"; "helped in my own small way" [syn: small]
3 free from pomp or affectation; "comfortable but modest cottages"; "a simple rectangular brick building"; "a simple man with simple tastes"
4 not offensive to sexual mores in conduct or appearance [ant: immodest]
5 low or inferior in station or quality; "a humble cottage"; "a lowly parish priest"; "a modest man of the people"; "small beginnings" [syn: humble, low, lowly, small]
6 humble in spirit or manner; suggesting retiring mildness or even cowed submissiveness; "meek and self-effacing" [syn: meek, mild]
7 limited in size or scope; "a small business"; "a newspaper with a modest circulation"; "small-scale plans"; "a pocket-size country" [syn: minor, small, small-scale, pocket-size, pocket-sized]
8 free from ostentation or pretension; "the restrained elegance of the room" [syn: restrained, unostentatious]

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IPA: /ˈmɑdəst/


  1. Not bragging or boasting about oneself or one's achievements, unpretentious, humble.
  2. Small, moderate in size.
    He earns a modest amount of money.
    Her latest novel was a modest success.
  3. (especially of behaviour or clothing) Avoiding being sexually suggestive.

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Olympian, aloof, altruistic, backward, bashful, becoming, betwixt and between, blank, boggling, budget, cheap, chilled, chilly, clean, cold, committed, common, consecrated, constrained, cool, coy, decent, decorous, dedicated, delicate, demeaning, demure, demurring, detached, devoted, diffident, disadvantaged, discreet, disinterested, distant, dry, dull, easy, economic, economy, elegant, expressionless, fair, fair to middling, fairish, faltering, forbidding, frigid, frosty, frugal, guarded, hesitant, hesitating, homely, humble, humble-looking, humble-visaged, humblest, icy, immaculate, impassive, impersonal, in the shade, inaccessible, inconspicuous, indifferent, inexpensive, inferior, infra dig, inglorious, innocuous, insipid, introverted, junior, lackluster, least, less, lesser, limited, low, low-priced, lower, lowest, lowliest, lowly, manageable, mean, mediocre, medium, meek, middling, minor, moderate, namby-pamby, nice, nominal, of a kind, of a sort, of sorts, offish, ordinary, passable, plain, poor, priggish, prim, prissy, proper, prudish, pure, puritanical, qualmish, reasonable, reluctant, remote, removed, repressed, reserved, respectable, restrained, restricted, reticent, retiring, sacrificing, scrupulous, second rank, second string, secondary, seemly, self-abasing, self-abnegating, self-abnegatory, self-conscious, self-denying, self-devoted, self-effacing, self-forgetful, self-immolating, self-neglectful, self-neglecting, self-renouncing, self-sacrificing, self-unconscious, selfless, sensible, servile, shabby, shoddy, shrinking, shy, silent, simple, small, so-so, spotless, squeamish, stainless, standoff, standoffish, stickling, straitlaced, stuffy, sub, subaltern, subdued, subject, subordinate, subservient, suppressed, teachable, tedious, temperate, third rank, third string, timid, timorous, token, tolerable, unacquisitive, unaffable, unambitious, unapproachable, unaspiring, unassertive, unassuming, unassured, unblemished, unboastful, uncongenial, undefiled, undemonstrative, underprivileged, understated, undistinguished, unelaborate, unembellished, unexaggerated, unexceptional, unexpansive, unexpensive, ungenial, unimportant, unimposing, unobtrusive, unornamented, unostentatious, unpossessive, unpresuming, unpresumptuous, unpretending, unpretentious, unselfish, unsparing of self, unsullied, vapid, vulgar, wishy-washy, withdrawing, withdrawn, within means, worth the money
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